From the Office of Chief Executive

2020 marked the beginning of a new decade which has caught all of us by surprise. With the onslaught of Covid-19 pandemic filling our lives with uncertainties, we are pivoting towards in-depth digitization of our campus.

In this highly-interconnected world, everything is moving at a rapid pace. Lecturers and students alike have to learn to be flexible and adaptable to the constant changes occurring in our lives. For all of us at KIC, we accommodate to our students’ needs by making the necessary changes which are essential in challenging times like this.

We are also fully aware of the tremendous amount of stress and hardships that many of us have to endure this year. Some of us are struggling with financial difficulties while others are experiencing isolation exacerbated by this global pandemic. As a college which leads with compassion and care, we have implemented various steps to assist our students and staff in navigating lives during this tough period of time.

Nevertheless, I believe that our spirit of resilience and collaboration will carry us through. Thank you for your support and believe in us. I wish everyone a safe, healthy and successful year ahead.