Registry Department

Our Functions

Our department is the heart of the college. As the college’s secretariat, our functions are mainly focused on students and academic matters. We assist students in terms of registration, deferment, withdrawal, loans and scholarships, academic programmes, results, transcripts, graduation, and so fourth. Being a part of the dynamic and vibrant communities of the college, we strive to ensure that our students get the most out of their experience here so that they will always remember KOMPAS in their hearts. The seamless and smooth transition that we aim to provide to our students from the moment they step into the college until they become full-fledged graduate is what separate us from the rest.

Student Admission and Records Unit

At Student Admission and Records Office, our focus is on student registration, student enrollment, issuance of offer letter and so forth. We also disseminate information and provide assistance to students regarding loans and scholarships available.

Examination and Graduation Unit

At Examination and Graduation Office, we assist the Academic Department and student in all matters pertaining to examination such as examination schedule, examination invigilation, examination enrollment etc. We also prepare students to ease them into graduation and convocation ceremony.

Regulatory and Quality Assurance Unit

Regulatory and Quality Assurance Unit ensure that every process and procedure is compliant to the laws, rules, and regulations stipulated by all the respective parties especially those related to academic matters.