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Self-Esteem Programme

“Self-Esteem Programme” was carried out by the counseling team of Kompas International College at SMK Raja Muda Musa, Kuala Kangsar. We would like to thanks the school authority for letting us carry out this meaningful program, and we hope students can learn something from the activities that were carried out. The career guidance and counselling unit are tasked to provide students with proper guidance to ensure students successfully concentrate and excel in not only studies but also to equip them with all the necessary skillset and mindset for a successful career path. The unique, friendly and peer-oriented approach is targeted to make it comfortable and easy for students to share all their problems and concerns, whether academic or socially-related, to be able to guide them on the right track to success.

We provide a wide range of services such as educational seminar/talk, individual or group counselling, and assessment.

Counselling is a service which is free, confidential, and available to all students to provide you with the emotional and psychological support whenever you need it.

The primary goal of counselling is to help you develop the personal awareness and skills necessary to overcome Mental health problems.

We understand that students might feel troubled or overwhelmed, Suffering from depression, anxiety, stress and burn-out. And we believe in the importance of mental health is essential for our students to have a pleasant College Experience.

Our mission is to promote professional, effective counselling and therapy to students.

Contact us should you require any further clarification or assistance. We are delighted to assist you in fulfilling your needs by providing the appropriate services.



Students Counsellor:
Ainaa Syafiqah Nazmi

Phone Number: 019 4665623 /05-2551559/ 05-2539567

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