Student Services, Welfare and Activities

The student Services, Welfare and Activities unit is in charge of managing and handling of the vast range of student-related services to ensure that the needs and welfare of students is catered to support their studies and overall campus experiences. Besides that, the unit is also responsible in coordinating and supporting the requirements of student club and activities in order to instill leadership qualities and responsibility among students while in campus.

Student Lounge

Kompas International College offers a place for students to gather, meet others, and study in a comfortable and relaxed setting. making it the perfect stop in between classes.

We hope that you enjoy the college experience! If you need to seek further assistance to anything regarding campus life, please feel free to visit us in the Student Experience Unit.

Campus Library

Our library is a gateway to a collection of books, journals,and other related publications. You can also access online digital platforms and libraries that facilitate and support E-learning for all students. There are also areas that are ideal for quiet self-study, group discussions, presentations or relaxation.