KIC Regional Centre for Unirazak

Kompas International College (KIC) has been accredited as Unirazak Regional Centre.

As Unirazak Regional Centre, KIC will be conducting these Unirazak programmes at our College;

What are the benefits of studying these programmes at KIC?

  1. Students do not have to travel far to pursue their studies (convenient especially during Covid-19)
  2. Our team of dedicated and committed lecturers will be available to assist students in their studies at any time convenient to them
  3. Students will have the privilege of having a campus near them, equipped with top-notch facilities for their success (library, wifi, discussion areas etc)
  4. The degree will be conferred by Unirazak and partner universities such as University of Waikato, New Zealand and University Macquarie, Australia.
  5. Other financial aids will be available for students as well such as PTPTN, KWSP, Yayasan Perak, Yayasan Bank Rakyat, Bank Negara